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Male Massage Provider for Female Clients

Rocky Peterson

​About this provider;

Rocky Peterson; Father of 4, native of Seattle area, 6' 195# In addition to massage, is a Remodel contractor with 3​0 years experience, former notary public, Skier, Snorkler, Happy and Easygoing.

Romantic or couples sensual massage

Now Offering Limited hours Couple Massage

Seeking that Romantic special treat that you can enjoy Together? Check out our Couples Massage page for more information and scheduling.

Activspace Building, Lake City N Seattle
A touch of Excitement Studio

​Studio Location

 10015 Lake City Way NE Seattle WA 98125 in Activspace Building

Or I can come to your location

​​Femspahhh ​is exclusively for women customers agreeable to or specifically seeking​ a male massage provider. Women have numerous objectives for seeking the touch of a male provider. My market niche is to hold the space and boundaries to accommodate each woman's individual interests. 

​​I am also Mobile

Need me to bring my table to you? See map for service area, for Home, Office, Hotel, or​Motel out-call service.

A traditional Massage is $60 / hr at my studio, and $120 / hr at your location (N Seattle to Everett, East-side - Bellevue - Snohomish)

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​Traditional Services Sensation 1.0 - 5.0 For Women 18 and up. 15 years experience specializing in Dynamic Mental-Physical whole body rejuvenation. Lifelong student of how the body and mind feels and processes all kinds of physical stimuli, and how ​​your mind translates touch as pleasure, ​scratchy, smooth, fuzzy, course, wet, dry, soft, hard, deep, pressure, hot, warm, cold, pain or any other 'sensation​,' and how to make a body feel vibrant and alive by diversely manipulating the application of dozens of vastly different touch techniques.

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