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Male Touch Provider for Female Clients.

​About this provider;

Rocky Peterson; Father of 4, native of Seattle area, 6′ 195# In addition to body work, is a Remodel contractor with 3​0 years experience, former notary public, Skier, Snorkeler, Happy and Easygoing.

(Not a licensed healthcare provider. For relaxation, and entertainment purposes only)

I specialize in creating a special space for women to push their boundaries of eroticism and sensualism relative to being touched. I don’t “treat” aches and pains or medical conditions. I offer arousing body touch where you control the boundaries that might be outside of what a “licensed massage practitioner” can legally consider.

That said, I am also happy to provide a more traditional (non arousing) relaxation touch session for women that specifically seek a male provider that is very good at making you feel special and tended to. 

Mobile massage for women




Femspahhh is exclusively for women, interested in, or specifically seeking body touch by a male  provider. Women have numerous objectives for seeking the touch of a male provider. I never judge your reasons. My market niche is to hold the space and boundaries to accommodate each woman’s individual interests.




At times we are able to arrange couples body caress sessions. Please schedule your couples session at least 1 week out.






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Traditional Sensation Services  1.0 – 5.0 For Women 18 and up. 15 years experience specializing in Dynamic Mental-Physical whole body rejuvenation. Lifelong student of how the body and mind feels and processes all kinds of physical stimuli, and how your mind translates touch as pleasure, scratchy, smooth, fuzzy, course, wet, dry, soft, hard, deep, pressure, hot, warm, cold, pain or any other ‘sensation,’ and how to make a body feel vibrant and alive by diversely manipulating the application of dozens of vastly different touch techniques. Not as a health care practice, but as a relaxation and  excitement experience.

​Sensation 5.0 – 10.0     Adults only

I don’t subscribe to any pious morality that actively or passively shames healthy sexual introspection. That said, I believe that there is no such thing as a location of your body that can be deemed “off limits” by anyone but you. I further believe that there are enormous (holistic) health and well being benefits derived from touch and body caress of government dictated “off limits” body parts. For women who are, or want to be free to choose and experience something lushly immoderate, such interests can be accommodated here.