Looking for Something a bit more on the Erotic Side?

If you live in or near Seattle, or you plan on visiting Seattle, you will find something here that I hope will intrigue you. My Name is Rocky. I do all kinds of sensual massage (for Women only.)

From this page, you can link to images and information about the services I provide plus videos showing exactly what I do, up close and in graphic detail. All Adults ONLY Content.

You NEED intimate touch. We all do. But few of us get enough. I specialize in what I call Sensual Artistry. Our culture has little to describe Healthy, Positive, Loving Touch that is applied to another's body and more specifically their genitals.

As Much as I want to Show and Tell You Everything - Here... I CAN'T

Search Engines censor and restrict graphic adult content from being displayed when you search. Which is probably a good thing or most searches would be inundated with porn. So to get to what I believe you are looking for, we just have to go one step removed from this site, to ​other sites or pages (of mine) that ​are not censored by search engines or ​not ​listed in search engines at all.

Want to see what a Sensual Massage session might look like?

This video is an example of a session with Rocky. Recorded in June 2018.

This is a Censored version. Watch Uncensored version here if you are 18 years old or older.

Please note, This is only an example of one of at least 100 "themed" sensual or erotic massage possibilities. Your session could be tailored to be Much softer and slower, and or almost any degree of decreased or increased penetration, stimulation and intensity. Every session is customized to your specific boundaries, wishes, interests, fantasies, and desires.  

In Studio Appointments (Male Provider for ​Female Clients)

​At your Hotel, ​Motel or Residence (Male Provider for ​Female Clients)