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Do You Travel to My City?

I am currently open to traveling to any US city for virtually any of the sessions I offer.
Prices are for travel costs, accommodations and travel time. I do not charge for hands on practice sessions.
Below are some approximate rates for the cities listed. Actual costs may vary depending on date, local events, and factors that are not within my control.

Anchorage $1800
LA $1900
New York / New Jersey $2000
Miami (April – September) $2200
Miami (October to March) $600
Houston $1900
San Francisco $1500
Portland (April – September) $800
Your city? Contact me for quote

If you are not in Florida (October - March) or Washington (state) (April - September)

Use the form below to have me come to your US location.

Travel to you packages start at $999.

(For distances of about 1000 miles)

Includes airline flight - round trip, ground transportation, hotel room (overnight stay is usually necessary) one consulting - coaching session, one (or more) free practice session(s).

I am open to having your session(s) in my hotel room to minimize ground transportation costs and to facilitate a private and discreet location for your session, if desired.

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