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Yoni massage
Yoni massage

Sacred Yoni Healing 

So, what exactly do I mean by Sacred Yoni Healing? What in the world does Yoni mean?  A little research will advise you that this is a Sanskrit word for the universe of female genitalia.  And better yet, doesn’t it sound as exotic and mysterious as the female genitalia.  

Maybe you’re wondering, “What is this healing all about?”  

Our modern culture is the antithesis of healthy sexual relationship; religious attitudes and dogma, societal norms, unresolved trauma, diseases and profound lack of clear and rational communication regarding our sexual wants, needs and curiosity, create an overwhelming chasm of great sex for women, let alone parity with men for orgasms. 

What does a healing session entail? 

Before we get to that answer, let’s do some housekeeping. First and foremost, anatomy, processes and outcomes are discussed using explicit terms.  Yoni has an elegant and holistic connotation; it allows us to talk about genitals in a less clinical way and possibly provides protection from legal issues. However, I want to be clear, if you are embarrassed by the following terms: vulva, vagina, g-spot, labia, clitoris, pubic mound, introitus, urethra, and cervix, this may not be the place for you. 

In addition to how and what will be discussed, we must keep this legal, for your safety as well as mine. Basically, an offer of any form of sexual contact in exchange for money is considered prostitution and that is not what is happening here.  Sacred Yoni Healing is not an orgasm for money service.  I say this to demonstrate that it is prudent to distance yourself and your provider from potential legal consequences by avoiding them altogether.  That is done by knowing there are ways to obtain your experience and ways you should not. For more information on keeping, it legal, check out this article. 

Back to what to expect from a session. 

In the studio we start our discussion in the lounge area, here we talk, you tell me your story. This is your safe space to tell me your situation, what is and is not working for you in your current sexual experiences, your most delicious fantasies (if you like), but more importantly your boundaries and fears. 

Nothing is off limits for discussion. I ask questions and you answer what is comfortable for you. If something is too private, say so and we move on. You are in control of this conversation, session and the outcome; there is no judgement, critique or shame.  I encourage you to be bold. Be you! 

Boundaries and consent are everything. My role is to clearly understand, respect and honor your boundaries, my objective is to provide what you seek and that only happens if you are relaxed, confident and safe. Mitigating fear and trepidation is paramount to your release, broadening your sexual horizons and leading to your sexual fulfillment. 

Many of my clients find that their sessions are heightened because they feel the attention, the patience and the skill of my techniques that lead to intense pleasure. Unlike being with a partner and getting in your head worrying about their needs, wants, and oh, that ever-present voice, “am I taking too long,” here you get to let that all go. 

When you feel ready, we proceed to the massage table. A typical (if there is such a thing) session can begin with a back rub and gentle caressing from head to toe, all designed to relax and become aware of what your body wants. Slowly I work my way to your erogenous zones, with a light touch, teasing them to awareness. Once ready and comfortable, you will turn over for your legs, arms, face, if desired abdomen and finally your breasts. The first half to two thirds of the session is spent exploring what relaxes, sooths and initially excites you. 

The remainder of your session is then spent, teasing your inner thighs, vulva, spreading your legs, exploring your labia, caressing your pubic mound, and igniting your senses. 

My calling as an energetic healer and channeler allows me to be present and read your every move, twitch, and delicious erotic spasm. From here, every contraction, every pulse that I sense is designed to have your clit squirming and your vagina opening and closing, pulsing for more. Now we are doing something together. I touch you respond, present with your response I feel it, I am with you in it. We explore you ever so slowly, ensuring ample time to savor every millimeter of your Yoni that I touch. 

I grasp, gently twist, slide, circle, push, pull, tease and stimulate, always making sure you have lots of lubricant, responding to your body’s desires and usually holding back just a little, making you wait, building anticipation and sexual tension. 

There is no hurry to get you to orgasm. Relax and allow me to slowly build sensation that seems to just get better and better and well…better. I am an expert at reading female arousal, let me take you on a sensual adventure revolving around your healing objective. 

Who am I and what is in this for me? 

During your research of ‘Sacred Yoni Healing,’ you may find information about tantra and or spiritual practices commonly associated with Yoni. Tantra is an exciting and fulfilling subject to explore and experience. I have studied and explored tantra and lingam (penis) massage to improve my skills and develop an understanding of tantric techniques. As an energetic healer, I chose to practice and develop techniques with the kind of spirituality that most resonated with me where the receiver experiences whatever benefits they might derive. In other words, I offer a simpler method unencumbered by “tantric” dogma in that I think, an exquisite sexual sensation is such an “out-of-body” experience that in and of itself it ‘feels’ spiritual. 

I am a sexual surrogate. My gift of channeling energy came to me at an early age, coupled with an ability to comfort others, this began my journey to be a sexual surrogate. Like most men coming of age sexually, it was confusing and seemly impossible terrain to navigate. The lack of readily available information about the basics of female genitalia and orgasm was unbelievable. The knowledge gap on (I won’t lie) my favorite subject, captivated my curiosity. I was instantly hooked on finding a way to use my gifts to change this. So, for the next forty years, I researched, and explored combining my energetic healing abilities with a sexual surrogacy practice. Today I have a thriving business guiding women and enlightening men to deeper sexual gratification. Now, the growth of my business requires more formal communication, hence this website. 

What is a sexual surrogate? 

Many cultural traditions around and about sex presume that for one person to “get” any form of sexual activity, from touching to penetration or oral, they must be in a ‘relationship’ with a partner of their choosing. Which is absolutely no guarantee that sex will be or continue to be fulfilling. 

A sex surrogate bridges the gap between societal traditions and the reality of sex. It is someone that simply is a temporary partner that will participate in sexual activities that one wishes for from a partner or potential partner. This could be for something as simple as a back rub to anal massage. Of course, every sexual surrogate will probably have their own boundaries of what kinds of activities they will engage in, but that is going to be the case with pretty much any sexual partner. 

Let’s say you fantasize about that anal massage and your partner’s response is negative or resulted in embarrassment or shame.  Your surrogate is not going to do that to you, if they do, choose someone else. Surrogates more than likely will help you manifest your interest to the best of their abilities. This allows you to have great comfort in being and discovering who you truly are sexually. This is huge in lifting shame and releasing past embarrassment. 

Your surrogate can be instrumental in creating or recreating a host of activities that nourish or heal your sexual soul and unleash your erotic body. 

The idea of ‘Yoni’ healing is simple. Much of the time women are seeking to displace old negative unsatisfactory memories with fresh new positive and enormously pleasant memories. Often this results in what I call masculine redemption. Which is where the pleasant experience with one man diminishes the poor experiences endured under other less sensitive or skilled men. 

In closing, I want to let you know most if not all my clients have a bit of fear and trepidation around contacting and scheduling sessions with me, I understand and respect this. In keeping with this, I offer in person coffee shop only meet ups or zoom calls.  

So, if you have found your way to the end of this article and find yourself interested in Sacred Yoni Healing, or additional experiences, click the box below. 

What are themes?

Massage Themes. Themes are sessions that revolve around a more detailed interest than simply a generic term like “sensual massage.” Between what you are seeking, and what I have identified and interests that many women find fun, interesting or exciting, there are dozens of variations and an infinite number of combinations of possibilities of what can be done.

Benefits of Yoni Massage

Benefits of yoni massage

One of the benefits of yoni massage sessions is that it can be an arena in which you as a woman finally get in touch with what you inherently desire – not attached to the desires of a man, but the desires which naturally originate and flow from your body. What do you desire to experience? What is most pleasurable for you?

Yoni Massage blog

Yoni massage is an opportunity to get real with yourself around what you truly, deeply desire to experience at the hands of a pleasure partner. It is an opportunity to drop the shackles of shame, open wide the field of potentiality and to truly consider for the first time what you would enjoy to experience if there were no question other than what would you like to receive.

Sexual Healing Massage Therapy

Can you teach my wife or girlfriend?

This course was very eye-opening when it comes to sexual healing massage therapy and women’s pleasure. There was a lot that I didn’t understand about how women experience pleasure, and now I have a clear understanding of the way that women can release emotions and associations they are holding from the past, so that they can have a new experience with pleasure and intimacy with partners.

Yoni Massage Therapy How To

Is Receiving Yoni Massage Against My Religion

The yoni massage therapist kept his attentions on my back, my hips, and my thighs, while occasionally sliding his touch against one of my more sensitive areas – the sides of my breasts, the insides of my thighs, between my butt cheeks – he would lightly stroke and tickle in these places, and before I knew it I felt my hips beginning to rock.

Yoni Massage Therapy

Yoni Massage Therapy

It was also amazing how easy it was to trust the yoni massage therapist to touch me in a way that I enjoyed, and to not take advantage of me in any way. It was an easy experience to lean into. I went back several times to enjoy more of the same treatment. I’ve actually found it to be incredibly supportive since I have been single. I highly recommend trying the yoni massage therapy experience.

Yoni Massage Seattle

Yoni Massage Seattle

I highly recommend seeking yoni massage therapy, and the local yoni massage Seattle based place, as a way to expand into the areas of your sexuality that seem out of reach to you in your current situation. It’s a beautiful opportunity for self-exploration.

Pussy Massage

Pussy Massage

We went back to the yoni massage practitioner a few times to see what else we could learn about pleasure exploration, and it helped us deepen our intimate connection with each other in ways I had never imagined. I am so thankful I got my first pussy massage and for the way that this practice opened me to a brand new experience with my husband, and also for how it equipped him with what he needed to know in order to have a new experience with me

Erotic Massage Therapy Seattle

Erotic Massage Therapy Seattle

I will never deny my deep desire for pleasure and passion, again. It is built into who I am, and yoni massage was an incredible way to explore what is possible for me in this realm. I’m really glad I found an erotic massage therapy Seattle based place so that I could connect to my passion again.

Erotic Massage Therapy

Erotic Massage Therapy

Erotic massage therapy opened this door for me, and I will forever be grateful that I discovered it. It helped me to gain so much clarity around what is pleasurable for me.

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