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(Not a healthcare provider. For relaxation, and entertainment purposes only)

Sensual Massage

Meditate – Excite – Rejuvenate

Experience head to toe electric touch that thrills your senses. This massage is about how your skin processes touch. A comb or brush in your hair, a scratchy tease on your back, a feather duster on the back of your knee and 20 more mysterious sensations. Explore sensual massage.

Relaxation Massage

Let go of everything for a spell. Listen to soft music, while warm hands glide over soft smooth lotion wiping away all your tensions. Need a nice foot massage or my thumbs in your shoulders? Or maybe a face massage? You don’t have to choose, today you can have it all.

Something Unconventional

Allow us to customize your experience. Need some attention that you are not finding elsewhere? This is the place you have been looking for. All requests, questions, ideas, and possibilities are received with open arms, without judgment or shame. All inquiries are discreet and confidential. Here are a few ideas I think you will really like.


Women Only Services

Most of our massage services are for women only. Few establishments exist that cater exclusively to women seeking male touch that goes beyond therapeutic / clinical / medical. That model is awesome for a sore back or strained muscles. If you seek more of a special treat kind of pleasure, you are almost there. See buttons below…

Couples Work

Ladies; Would you like to experience the delicious experience we provide here, at home? With your partner? Or would you like to learn how to give your partner a special treat that will rock his or her world? Schedule a custom couples adventure. Add a whole new dimension to your relationship with a new touch of excitement.


Next Steps…

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