Disclosure – Holistic Services 

(Not a healthcare provider. For relaxation, and entertainment purposes only)

I am not a licensed massage therapist. I do not “practice” “Healthcare.” Licensed practitioners are tightly regulated and monitored against touching places on the body the state considers “inappropriate”. As a holistic healer, I recognize the physiological and psychological benefits of ALL massage and believe that the exclusion of any portion of the body is arbitrary and detrimental to humanity. Physical locations of a human being designated as “inappropriate” have muscles, nerves, spasms, contractions, pain and discomfort just like any other place on a body. In some cases more so. The fact that these locations can experience a vast range of sensation from pleasure to pain, indicates the need for proper care and maintenance. When body parts designated as “inappropriate” experience breakdown, our culture denies thoughtful compassionate holistic therapy using ancient laws. It is my mission to expose this as a modern day witch hunt. Its roots are derived from outdated fundamentalist shame and scorn. A positive healthy human functionality and the ability to foster it and fully experience it is not only a human right but intricately beneficial to the individual, their partner, and even society as a whole.

Consider me here as an opportunity to experience something fun and exciting, not healthcare or medical in any way shape or form. I expect that you may feel better after a session with me. You should not consider a session with me legally as any more than a “hook up.” What is different is a session with me will “feel” professional, as it is all about you.