Breast Massage for Women

Breast Massage 

Relax, let go. Getting in touch with your body’s senses can be less interactive. By allowing you to focus intently on the sensations of touch and pass into your most relaxed mental state, (your way) you can savor and indulge in your deepest selfish pleasure(s).

Your session is tailored to your wishes and objectives. But if your objective is to release the tension you hold in your chest, we begin with a whole body massage. From your hair and face to your feet, and everything in between, I touch, stroke, caress, and create presence in every area in ways that relax and let go. Eventually your whole body feels like a limp noodle and eventual release spreads back out  to the rest of your body.

Releasing (your protective) tension that you unconsciously “hold” in your chest, in an environment of safety and protection, opens your world to beauty, creativity, confidence, energy, happiness and increased libido. Everything done here is all about YOU.  I don’t judge, I genuinely appreciate your uniqueness. Sharing and accepting, excited, exploration of your moderately intimate wishes enables YOUR optimum experience.

Look here for more graphic details on this subject.